Astrology Prediction : Tough Job for security Agencies ahead

Daily Forecast India – October 28th, 2013

Tough Job for security Agencies ahead

Rahu is in the shadow of Sun, which represents in the shadow of administration and authorities, so I feel even though some activities related to terrorist activities may be highlighted but authorities or investigating agencies will be in a position to either control these activities or may be able to catch persons linked with such activities or agencies will be able to bust such cases. Undoubtedly will be a tough job for security agencies, but I feel they will be able to solve such mysteries.

War like situations or exchange of artillery or heavy fire may continue on border.

Inflation may further hurt public or common man, ruling party will not be in a position to understand or able to control such position for next few days.

Government or foreign ministry along with the leader of the nation may feel some difficulties due to foreign related issues.

Political parties will have some more tough time related to violence related activities because lord of political parties is conjunct with Saturn and Rahu, in the house of disturbance, riots and violence etc. So, be watchful at the time of political activities.

New political alliances are expected.

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