Twelfth House Lord in Various Houses

Twelfth House Lord in Various Houses

Twelfth House lord in Ascendant

Lord of Loss / expenses in the house of personality and over and above affliction on this lord will indicate loss of health. Twelfth house lord in ascendant may give sweet voice and attractive personality, but may give digestive issues.

Exchange of ascendant lord and twelfth house lord will indicate that natal may have to face antipathy/hate from others. Natal will be ‘narrow minded’ and may have to face ‘impoverishment’. It’s not a good combination.

Twelfth house lord placed in movable or dual sign will give foreign travel to the natal.

Twelfth house lord in ascendant and trine and centre are occupied by only malefic planets then natal may have to lead poverty and will have no zeal and enthusiasm in his/her life.

Twelfth House lord in Second House

Lord of expenses is in the house of finance, voice, right eye; nuclear family (Kutumb) etc. indicates that expenses will be high, no good relationship among family or disturbed nuclear family life and natal will always criticising others, unnecessary talking etc. Problem related to right eye will disturb natal.

If auspicious planets are blessing or twelfth house lord is auspicious then expenses will be for good work, and speak in right way, but if twelfth house lord is Jupiter then being lord of spiritual sign and placed in Aquarius sign in second house may give detachment.

Twelfth house lord in Third House

Lord of expenses in the house of ear, throat, sibling, neighbours, courage, efforts and related activities indicates that loss or disturbance in such related activities such as loss or disturbance with younger relationship, probably no younger sibling or no good relationship with siblings etc. natal has to suffer trouble in ear, throat etc.

Auspicious aspect will improve such situation.

Natal will look for support since he/she may have lack of courage, or cowardly actions can be seen. Natal will be lacking writing skills or will not be having good writing skills or better to say unsuccessful writer.

Auspicious aspect or connections may improve such situation.

Twelfth House lord in Fourth House

Mother or maternal side may face disturbances or we can say lack of happiness or pleasure from mother and relatives especially from maternal side. Natal may not have good house, no landed property or loss of landed property etc., will always face issues with his/her vehicle.

Natal will have mental tension or lack of mental peace, family relationship will be disturbed. Since, twelfth lord will aspect house of profession, either disturbed profession or connectivity with foreign lands of profession.

Auspicious aspect or connectivity may improve such situation.

Twelfth House lord in Fifth House

Loss in the house of progeny, education, Moksh in the house of spiritualism indicates that natal may face trouble in birth of child or may have no son or may face troubles related to issues, if connectivity is with second or eleventh house in such conditions then natal may incur expenditure related to child or progeny etc.

Twelfth lord in fifth house indicates lack of progeny as well intellect for natal.

If lord of trine is also conjunct with twelfth house lord in this house, then situations will be better.

Natal may have religious approach and may love to travel on religious places etc.

Twelfth House lord in Sixth House

Vipereet Rajyog. Loss of enemies, health related issues, such position indicates that natal will have no enemy and will have good health and enjoys good and attractive personality. Ego of the natal will increase and will feel that he/she is the best or may feel that no one is better than him/her or super person.

Natal will be a rich person.

Twelfth House lord in Seventh House

Spouse will incur expenses on natal or natal will incur expenses on spouse, not a good relationship with spouse. Natal may lack happiness from married life.

Natal may not be maintaining good relationship with spouse and in social circle or society. Natal may lack of education or may lack landed property etc.

Spouse of natal may have link with hospital or foreign, Jail (prison) etc. Natal will get money from foreign lands or income may be linked with foreign lands etc.

Twelfth House lord in Eighth House

Vipereet Rajyog. Loss of longevity or may adversely affect longevity or reduces longevity. Natal will be straight forward, increase of hidden or secret activities.

Natal may be a wealthy person and soft spoken person. Exalted twelfth house lord will increase (improve) hidden spiritual qualities of natal.

Auspicious connections will spoil effect of Vipereet Rajyog, but malefic connections will improve advantage of Vipereet Rajyog.

Twelfth House lord in Ninth House

Natal will improve his/her financial status and residence in foreign lands. Long travels etc. will be for such natal.

It’s not a good position for his/her father, religion, teacher or preacher or guide of the natal. Natal will have no religious education or study or believe.

Natal may not like his/her spouse (lack of happiness in married life) and friends etc.

Twelfth House lord in Tenth House

Natal may change profession or job quickly or frequent change of job, profession may be linked with foreign lands/hospital/Jail etc.

Natal may have to travel a lot.

Relationships with superior will either hurt may hurt to boss or superior. At times natal will have to seek support from influential persons for promotions or rise in profession.

Malefic impact will indicate that natal is badly affected by boss or senior, in such condition natal must maintain good relationship with senior or boss etc.

Natal may not enjoy happiness from son or children etc.

Twelfth House lord in Eleventh House

Loss in gains and achievements. Excess of expressions. Business will be good but gains may not be so good.

Natal may gain on others (depending on connections with other houses) or may earn from other sources or may earn from foreign lands or hospital etc.

Natal will incur expenses to meet his/her desires and on show-off etc.

Natal may earn good profit from the trading of Ruby, Pearl and other Precious gems etc.

Twelfth House lord in Twelfth House

Excess of expenditure, but will have good eyes, enjoy bedroom pleasure etc. and such position is also indicating for residence in foreign lands.

Natal will have detachment according to the connectivity from the relevant house.

Jupiter in its own sign indicates that natal will have good spiritual life.


  1. Dear Sir,

    For last many years I was in dilemma about my Birth time. Actually my birth-time was considered as 00:34 am because of which my ascendent was seen as LEO.
    However after reading your above 12th house predictions, I feel that my birth time is six minutes before the above mentioned time which is 00:27 am which then shows CANCER as my ascendent.
    I kindly request you to generate both charts as per below two timing and let me know which one suits me the most.

    15-11- 1980
    00:27 am


    00:34 am

    To verify which one is real and suitable to my current condition, I will tell you few things about me:

    My father expired when I was 15 yrs old
    My mother left me when I was 4 yrs old (she remarried other man and is settled in US)

    Based on this two major facts, kindly tell me if my Ascendent is LEO or CANCER.
    Since I am born on the verge of two ascendents, I want to ensure the real ascendent that is effective in my case. I hope you understand my dilemma in this regards.
    Will wait for your reply.


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