Astrology Prediction : Query by Deepti, from Unknown place (India)

Name : Deepti
Place of Query : Unknown (India)
Query : Sir, How aspects work in astrology? I am Capricorn ascendant, I have Saturn & Jupiter aspecting on my 7th house, cancer moon in 7th house

1. Aspect is very important feature of any planet or any person. Suppose, you are sitting somewhere, your father, mother or a persons who is blessing you are looking at you and some bad man is looking at you. Father, mother and the person who is blessing you will be looking means they are blessing you and protecting you, where as bad persons or irritating persons or some cruel person is looking at you, means they are disturbing you, irritating you or giving you anger or aggression. Similarly these planets are behaving.
2. There are few persons, you must be knowing that they are under normal condition nice person, but in the influence of bad persons they will also behave like bad person, similarly in planets there are Moon and Mercury can behave like this. But Jupiter and Venus are behaving as auspicious planets.
3. Ascendant is natal, lord of ascendant is lord of natal. For Capricorn – Saturn is lord, means this lord will give strength to natal, but by nature is malefic, so where ever will aspect – certainly disturb on the signification of the house or if giving aspect on the lord of the house, then will disturb lord of the house. Saturn is slow-moving planet, so will slow down process or many times behaving like disturbing planet, hence may disturb activities of house.
4. Jupiter is auspicious planet and for female this planet signifies (natural element) marriage. Aspect on seventh house means aspect on the house of spouse, is indicating that, possibility of marriage is strong, but aspect from Saturn is indicating that spouse house is disturbed as well lord of the house Moon is disturbed.
5. Moon in the sign of Cancer, in its own house, is giving strength to the house but blessed as well disturbed by Saturn.
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