Retail investor to have tough time in Nifty

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 30th, 2013

Retail investor to have tough time in Nifty

Mercury is coming out of shadow of Sun so, may not have proper direction, but since heading for own house of Share Market, so we can expect some positivity in the market. Market may be bit lazy on date. Less Intraday activities are possible. So, Profit booking after a run is possible. That may show some negative zone in the market.

This market is not for small traders. Seven planets are directly or indirectly involved with Rahu. So, clear indication is that this market can take sudden swing which will not be natural and may cause big money involvement in the market. This swing can be because of foreign impact or by man created reasons etc. or any unknown reasons. So, few traders can be benefited whereas small traders may lose big money.


I will still be saying that Indian Rupee has no strength and any time can fall, although as traders will book profit time to time, so this currency trend may see some positivity in Rupee, but I will still say Indian Rupee may fall, because of slump in Indian Economy, financial condition etc.


Gold and Silver may be in bullish trend for India.

Sensex and Nifty

Sensex and Nifty may trade in nearby zone, or I can say because of Profit booking trend some movement in negative zone can be seen. Otherwise in coming days positivity can be seen.

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