Impact on Middle class Pocket due to National debt

Daily Forecast India – August 30th, 2013

Impact on Middle class Pocket due to National debt

It was mentioned in my post-dated 22-08-2013, “Lord of eighth house is giving aspect on Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the house of national debt, public agitation, disturbance, possibility of terrorist attack, may be with the support of foreign lands. One more possibility is that Vigilance may foil some terrorist activity. But caution is must” @ Yesterday “Yasin Bhatkal” was arrested by Vigilance.

Saturn, Jupiter are clearly indicating period for Petroleum industry, since public is also involved because of sixth house, so Price rise is round the corner. Moon is conjunct with Jupiter forming Gajkesari Yog, so Jump in Petroleum product is expected in coming 72 Hrs +72 Hrs.

Venus is indicating that Nation and leader of the nation is trapped in between political reasons, and some disturbance created by Cabinet, corruption, wrong deeds etc. (as indicated by Saturn and Rahu in sixth house).

Cabinet will have a proper hold on Parliament and treasury will be able to get clearance of all bills proposed by them. Opposition parties will directly or indirectly support them to clear bills etc.

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