Will Share Market trade Positive?

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 29th, 2013

Will Share Market trade Positive?

Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are indicating that Share Market or other issues are in the grip of National debt or financial trap of the country. Indications are that share market is under control of some unidentified reasons or by big persons or issues, so once again we can see positive trade for today, because some of the giants will have recovery of their money from the lower levels.

Small traders are advised to be very careful while trading, because they will be caught in the trap of Giant traders or persons.

Today we can see positive zone/trend in the Market, because Mercury is indicating that is coming out of shadow of Sun and heading for its own sign, so we can think of closing in positive zone. This Market can be in positive zone particularly after 06-09-2013. Market may trade in positive zone for few days. But involvement of Rahu in 4 planets indicates that some sudden changes or increasing national debts or involvement of giants can do anything to the trading. So be watchful.


Indian Rupee will face further downfall, because of aspect by Jupiter on Saturn-Rahu from the house of finance etc. Be careful for the upcoming fall of Indian economy and financial debts etc. This will certainly give negative impact on currency. On date Rupee can fall further, because government is trapped in other issues.

Gold and Silver can be further in positive trend.

Industries related to Infrastructure, Power, metal, mineral, IT etc. will be in the lime light. Few banks can show positive side, but be watchful while trading for long.

Sensex and Nifty can be in Positive zone, traders will try to book their profits in time.

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