National Issues – Vigilance, Border, Finance etc.

Daily Forecast India – August 29th, 2013

National Issues – Border, Finance etc.

Moon is in the ascendant and ascendant lord is transiting from the nakshtra of Moon, and Mars and Saturn are exchanging aspect from the house of neighbours, I believe that emotion of the nation will be involved on the neighboring border. We may have to face some other issue with some other country. Vigilance may get some important breakthrough.

Directly or indirectly 5 planets are indicating disturbance and foreign related issues along with remaining planets are giving indications with National interest and emotions. Indications are clear that foreign related policy or issues may further disturb nation. Only exchange of fire is not the issue now, infiltration by forces or other persons from other border can be some important issue.

Government is trapped in the financial debts, falling financial condition and impact of such issues can be seen in parliament. Mars is further indicating that some issue related to border or neighbouring nation will be highlighted.

Moon will conjunct with Jupiter on 30-8-2013, so that will give strong impact on Petroleum industry. Government will be unable to control such issues.

Religious leader(s), or statement by leading personalities of nation or important persons must be in controlled language even Media must be watchful on religious issues. We have to maintain harmony etc.

There is a possibility of some larger issues on financial crises or loud issues or nation’s major focus, on or after 30-08-2013, because of conjunction of Moon with Jupiter.

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