Nifty Positive in Coming Days?

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 26th, 2013

Venus, ascendant lord is transiting through the house of share market, indicating that Government’s focus is for share market, indications are that Financial Institutions and other related institutions may try to give support to the Market, although, lord of the share market is total combust, so has no its own direction. Sun lord of Institutions, Ministry, Mines, minerals, infrastructure and power will play major role to give shadow to the share market. I feel, market may be further recovering but profit booking can be seen.


Nifty and Sensex may be further positive after fortnight, because lord of the share market will move to its own, and no affliction. This will give strength to the share market. Nifty will try to be in the upper slab. Mercury is showing that as on date its total combust, but is coming out of the shadow of Sun (in the shadow of ministry or institutions or may be by leading trader), so within a day or two, we can see some good profit booking in the market.


I feel that Indian Rupee has no its strength, but may be due to efforts by RBI or government, decline is checked, but I am not positive for the strength of Indian Rupee, reason is Rahu – Saturn and Jupiter lord of eighth house in the house of finance. I feel if economy is losing its base due to some unknown/wrong methods (such as corruption etc.), that will give further decline in Rupee. Gold may go further up with Silver (may be not so positive today because moon is with Ketu).

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