Influence of Government on Political Parties?

Daily Forecast India – August 26th, 2013

Bills in Parliament

Ascendant lord Venus is in the house of political parties, public etc. indicating that Lord of the nation will try to focus on political parties, because lord of the nation is giving aspect on the house of bills, so to get clearance on bills, Government may focus on political parties.

Influence of Government on Political Parties?

Cabinet Ministry is focusing on Parliament, and leader of the nation may have to give his focus on Parliament to get clear bills etc. Public is under shadow of Government, but political parties and Public may come out of shadow of government in coming days. Or we can say influence of Government on political parties will be not as strong as on now.

Issue related to Foreign Policy or neighbouring disturbance

Saturn and Rahu conjunction is very strong and aspect on the house of foreign nation or foreign policy will be in lime light, because lord of policy and eighth house is giving aspect on the house of disturbance an on Rahu-Saturn conjunction and Mars is also afflicting this conjunction and house, Moon lord of Media and neighbouring nations is clearly indicating that due to some role of Media or report by Media will be highlight for foreign policy related to neighbouring nation.

Use of artillery or exchange of fire is possible.

Issues related to Harmony

Issues related to Mines, minerals or Currency or some unknown event may be affecting Parliament. Religious harmony is to be maintained and Leaders, religious leaders, and media must play in controlled way to help to maintain harmony.

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