Is Market Directionless?

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 23rd, 2013

Is Market Directionless?

Mercury will be total combust on Saturday/Sunday; hence market is losing its strength and direction. Because lord of Share market is in the shadow of Sun – lord of political issues, Ruler of the nation and Arrogance of the cabinet or ruling political party. Indications are market may behave directionless and may show some positive signs but be careful while trading for long. Intraday, one has to be careful and watchful, because if lord of the house is in the shadow, then effects can be in the shadow.

Currency may try to regain its position but I feel that currency has no basic strength, because Mars is indicating that Production side is suffering, and it is clear that Production can give boost to economy (Industrial and agricultural).

Exchange of aspect in Venus and Moon indicates that positive trading can be in IT, Media, travel and transport etc. Sun is indicating that Infrastructure, Power, Metal, and mines etc. can be strong along with Petroleum Industry.

Gold can be positive along with copper and silver.

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