Financial and Political Instability?

Daily Forecast India – August 23rd, 2013

Financial and Political Instability

Three planets are transiting through the nakshatra of Rahu and one from Saturn, and two planets from the Nakshtra of Ketu, indications are that importance of house of disturbance, national debt, internal violence or terrorist activities – can be internal or external too. Leader of the nation is caught in between Judiciary, Parliament, Political activities and Political intrigue. Affliction of Saturn on Mars is clearly indicating Political instability.

Border of the country is facing time to time violation, Saturn and Mars are confirming upcoming more disturbance – may be leading towards heavy exchange of ammunition, artillery.

Trade, Commerce and Business will be affected due to exchange of aspect between Mars and Saturn. This may be due to lack of trust or some other issues. Exchange of aspect in between Mars and Saturn (third and sixth house based planets) indicates – Possibility of Hacking of site or documents in coming days.

Mood & Emotion of the nation is in strength of Currency of nation and financial position of the country.  It’s not a good time for common man.

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