Recovery in Market ?

Daily Forecast – Share Market – August 21st, 2013

Recovery in Market

Possibility of some recovery or buying can be seen in share market, but situation is still not comfortable, because lord of the share market is heading for total combust position, since Lord of the nation has come out of affliction of Saturn, so can show some positive sign or movement in the market. But be watchful, because any movement related to foreign nations may affect market.

Equities which have lost their base badly may try to regain some purchase, may be due to some better price or to resale in short time. It’s not a right time to go for long term trading. Better to go for smart trading – based on trends.

Currency Stable?

Jupiter in the house of finance and lord of miseries, sudden troubles, and bills – indicates that Indian Rupee has to face further fall, because of nation’s financial crunch. Government is trapped in election and Public Distribution System – effect of Rahu, Sun and Saturn.

Gold and Silver

Gold will be in a comfortable position, silver may be in down trend but good for coming days.

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