Alarming Debt Position | Financial Crunch

Daily Forecast India – August 21st, 2013

Alarming Debt Position | Financial Crunch

Jupiter (lord of eighth house and Bills etc.), Mars are afflicting Saturn and Rahu in the house of Public Distribution system, National loans – indications are that because of such bill, government may enter in financial crunch and has to go for more loan etc. This will lead further economic and financial crunch.

Nation in Woes?

Lord of nation is Venus and is placed in between (Leader of nation) Mines, opposition parties, some Political Intrigue, sudden defamation or Saturn indicates (Coal, mineral, mines and petroleum etc.), and Judiciary etc. may affect Leader of the nation seriously, possibility of internal disturbance due to communal harmony, and some terrorist attacks. It’s a connectivity of three destructive planets in the house of disturbance etc.

Disturbance on neighbouring border will further increase, and use of artillery may be on the rising side in coming days.

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