Daily Forecast India – June 25th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – June 25th, 2013

Political parties, public educational institutions, sports related authorities, banks financial institutions, speech, comments and nucleus family (states) house lord Mercury is moving 0 degree and 7 mins within 24 hrs. and this is reducing on every minutes basis. Indications are that related issues will be not in a position to give any effective results. Jupiter is combust, and giving aspect on its own house of Petroleum, resulting increase in prices related to petroleum products.

Jupiter is afflicting house of religion, judiciary, parliament and lord of religion, judiciary, and parliament. Indications are that in near future these areas may give some important news or can show some effective activities.

Further, disturbance in weather (globally) can be seen and may continue till 72 hrs from 26-06-2013 (18:37 hrs IST).

Natural calamities, terrorist attack and public dissatisfaction can be seen not only in India, but impact can be on global front.

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