Query by Anekant, from Bhanpura (India)

Name : Anekant
Date of Birth : 22-1-1982
Time of Birth : 04:30 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Bhanpura (India)

Query : Sir,
I am looking for free service. I am an engineer in a Govt. Dept. I have one elder sister married and one younger brother physically handicapped. No suitable match for life partner found till now. Plz specify the month and year or time duration when my marriage possible….
Thanks a lot in advance.

1. Scorpio ascendant, placed in the house of gains and achievements. Saturn is afflicting lord of ascendant as well ascendant. Indications are disturbance or no mental peace.
2. Spouse house lord is Venus (retrograde) but total combust and conjunct with the lord of profession and eighth house lord Mercury. Venus is capable of giving marriage but is combust and placed with eighth house lord.
3. Delay in marriage. If you can manage your family till 31-12-2013 then its good for you.
Otherwise big delay.
I have not tested your Navmansha chart.

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