Daily Forecast India – May 16th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – May 16th, 2013

Ascendant lord Venus is transiting from its own sign and conjunct with eighth house lord Jupiter. We can expect something unexpected. Venus lord of the nation is giving aspect to the house of partnership, some trade related issues etc. That means, we can have some new political partnerships, as well some new agreements etc.

Lord of ruling party is Sun, and is placed in ascendant, indicates that this party will try to rule Key person or the ruler of the nation.

Mercury is coming out of its combust position and moving ahead to its own sign Gemini. Indications are that opposition parties and public will feel better in coming days.

Lord of Judiciary is Saturn and is transiting retrograde, affecting house of communication, media etc. Judiciary may come up with some decision on communication (telecom) or media or aviation or transportation or sports related issues etc. that may affect them for future. This can be a great decision by judiciary/investigating agencies. Mars and Saturn are affecting emotions of the nation.

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