Query by Shazia, from Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Shazia
Date of Question : 23-02-2013
Time of Question : 15:54 Hrs (LST)
Place of Question : Karachi (Pakistan)
Query : I want to do business.at the moment I am willing to import products and sell as well as to do self made fabrics business.will I get benefit?should I start it?I am afraid of being cheated while paying online to someone in other country,dealers.
Plz guide?

At the time you have raised, according to that my observations according to Vedic astrology are as follows:
1. Cancer ascendant and lord Moon is placed in its own sign. Indications are that lack of confidence. Moon is transiting through the Nakshtra of Saturn, and is placed at the house of home.
2. Saturn is lord of the house of Import export. This Saturn has exchanged its house with the lord of gains Venus, which is placed with Lord of profession, lord of foreign lands and Internet and Lord of finance Sun.
3. Mercury has just started transiting Retrograde, I think you may start this business before 17-3-2013
4. But cause of concern is all planets are placed in eighth house – house of mysteries. Indicates either involvement of sea or sea related products or Petroleum related or some thing unknown.
I think You are going to start this business, but be watchful.

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