Query by Ravnit kaur, from Delhi (India)

Name : Ravnit kaur Date of Birth : 21-10-1973 Time of Birth : 08:00-08:30 Hrs  (IST) Place of Birth : Delhi Query : anoop ji my name is ravnit kaur my d/0/b 21101973 , mor between 8am to 8.30 delhi born these days i am facing court case of bouns chq due to my finincial condition i cant deposit money on last 30 jan they gave me 5feb day to deposit it and till now there is no arrangement ,its mpossible for me how will i get solve my this problem pls reply mte this question urgently after get solve my this problem. Ravnit, 1. What can you do with your home? Is there any solution with the help of home? Because dispute house lord is indicating towards home/land/Vehicle – mother etc. 2. Do you have any younger sibling, and any money was spent on younger sibling? 3. You are passing through Mahadasha of Moon and Anterdasha of Ketu, Ketu is also placed with the lord of home, 4. In chatruthansha chart Ketu is placed in 12th house (House of confinement), Hospital etc. Mahadasha lord is placed in the house of finance house is again indicating towards house of Mother, home and land etc. Now you can try from such resources, and possibly… Chant Mahamrityunhjay Mantra, and for Ketu Feed dog on daily basis. Since your time factor is not perfect, and at 8.30 ascendant is changing. So, there may […]

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