Astrology : Query by Preeti (Astrology related), from India

Name : Preeti
Query : how you have been ? thanks for thanks for answering all my queries :>. i have one more concern please help .Saturn will retrograde in few days , so shall we expect that he will stop giving results ( good or bad ) for me he is in 6 house ( transit wise ) with rahu , over my natal rahu and Venus .
please share your views, what will he grant ?

Retrograde planets are always giving results, they can not stop giving results. Now, it all depends on Promise, Dasha and then Transit of planets. Retrograde planets will certainly give results and the difference will be little bit different.
If Saturn is transiting from sixth house, impacts will on eighth, twelfth and fourth house. Along with other connectivity of the chart.
Saturn is in exalted sign, and lord of Justice, fortune, father and religion, hence impact will also be on these segments. Retrograde can act like a catalyst. This may activate concern issues – slow or expedite.
So, don’t worry.
Everything will be ok.

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