Astrology Prediction : Query by C Shri Navina, from Karur (India)

Name : C Shri Navina
Date of Birth : 11-6-1988
Time of Birth : 06:58 (Hrs) IST
Place of Birth : Karur (India)
Query : sir, i am very eager to get settled abroad.. Do i have that chance.. I am not married yet. So expecting a groom who is settled abroad. will that happen?

C Shri,
According to Vedic Astrology, my observations are as follows:
1. Gemini Ascendant and Lord Mercury, which also represent your family, happiness, mother and house  is placed in the house of foreign lands with the lords of travel. sibling Sun and Venus – Lord of foreign land and education, progeny etc. Indications are your mind and happiness etc. are in foreign lands.
2. House of family, happiness, mother and home is afflicted by Saturn, lord of fortune and eighth house, and Mars placed in fortune house. This position indicates that your house, happiness may go to foreign land and link is with fortune.
3. Fortune house lord Saturn is placed in the house of spouse, forming relationship with spouse and foreign travel. Possibly settling their.

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