Query by Sudheer, from Ponnuru (India)

Name : Sudheer
Date of Birth : 18-10-1983
Time of Birth : 10:40 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Ponnuru (India)
Query : Will I get a job

According to Vedic astrology, my observations are as follows:
1. Sagittarius ascendant and lord Jupiter is placed in the house of expenses, bedroom and foreign lands, and in Rahu-Ketu axis.
2. Profession house lord Mercury is placed in its own house, but in Paapkartari.
3. Currently you are passing through Mahadasa of Saturn and Anterdasha of Moon, with Pratyanter of Jupiter.
According to this dasha your chances will start after March 2013, and strong possibility will be arond July-August.
So, whatever job you get at this time you can avail this opportunity and after that you will be in a better position.
You must do some charity for Mercury (according to your local rituals)

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