Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – January 17th, 2013

Share Market and India – January 17th, 2013

Mahadasha Lord Sun has changed its sign to Capricorn and moved to the house fortune, judiciary with Mars. Ascendant Lord and Pratyanter dasha lord Venus is placed in the house of mysteries and Sukshma dasha lord Mercury has moved to the house of justice, religion and higher education with foreign trades. All of these three planets are activated by Anterdasha lord Saturn. Sukshmadasha lord Mercury is in total combust position. Three planets are transiting through the Nakshtra of Sun (Mahadasha Lord)


  1. Sun lord of fourth house indicates that national unity, opposition parties and democratic government are giving aspect to the neighbours and border, along with Mercury lord of public and entire parties and states of nation. Mars, lord of forces, and seventh house (war, international treaties, and foreign vigilance agencies etc.). Saturn placed in sixth house with Rahu is also indicating tension on the neighbouring borders. Eleventh house lord Jupiter is giving touch to MD lord Sun, Mars and Mercury. That may be good position gains for India.
  2. Although opinion of public and sports authorities will not be consider by government, because Mercury is combust. Government is not taking emotions of public in account.
  3. Since Mars is ahead of Sun, so rains not possible currently.
  4. External affairs Ministry has to work with neighbouring nation to control situation, because Lord Saturn is giving its aspect on neighbour.

Share Market

  1. Mercury is almost total combust and as the market progress, Mercury will be close to total combust. I feel, market will be again in down trend. I will prefer to go for profit bookings. At least till 21-1-2013.
  2. Infrastructure, Cement, Vehicle, related shares may be active. Banks and financial institutions may be trading in down trend or show profit bookings.
  3. Communication, Aviation, Travel and tour, IT may not be so strong today.
  4. Petroleum industry may be in a better position, governments focus will be on petroleum products. Gas, Petroleum may go for better trading sessions.


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