Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – January 16th, 2013

Share Market and India – January 16th, 2013

Mahadasha Lord Sun has changed its sign to Capricorn and moved to the house fortune, judiciary with Mars. Ascendant Lord and Pratyanter dasha lord Venus is placed in the house of mysteries and Sukshma dasha lord Mercury has moved to the house of justice, religion and higher education with foreign trades. All of these three planets are activated by Anterdasha lord Saturn. Sukshmadasha lord Mercury is heading for total combust position.


  1. Mars and Sun are giving aspect to the house of neighbour, Sun is Mahadasha lord, Anterdasha Lord Saturn is with Rahu and afflicting house of neighbours. Clear indications that neighbouring country will face some disturbance along with relationship with neighbours will be disturbed, issues with borders etc.
  2. According to chart of Pakistan, Mars is afflicting their house of parliament, and leader of nation. Mars is in exalted sign, can give some Military or Judiciary intervention in Political movements. Democracy will also be affected due to Mars and Sun. Their sports and neighbouring relationship is now combust, this may affect India also, because affliction on borders and neighbouring nation will be high. To check internal instability, our neighbours may behave awkwardly on borders.
  3. Eighth aspect of Mars is also afflicting parliament of India or political parties. This will be reflected in coming parliamentary session.
  4. Government’s focus is on Petroleum products. Increase of prices is certain.

Share market

  1. Mercury lord of share market is close to combust position. Closing of the week will be in negative zone. Profit booking is advised. Market may trade in low position.
  2. 21st onwards, Market may further behave positively.
  3. Gold and Silver will be positive along with Indian Rupee.
  4. I will prefer to be careful and watchful in this market. Good position for Infrastructure, petroleum, Cement, Oil and gas, transport etc.

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