Query by Nitisha, from New Delhi (India)

Name : Nitisha (for cousin brother)
Date of Birth (of Nitisha’s cousin brother): 7-2-1978
Time of Birth : 23:26 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : New Delhi (India)
Query : by when will he get marrid any good strong yog coming up & how will his marrid life be. ne remedy is his mangal neech,
thank you

According to Vedic astrology, my observations are as follows :
1. Libra Ascendant, and lord Venus is combust and placed with Sun eleventh house lord, Mercury twelfth house and ninth house lord and Moon (tenth house lord). Mars debilitated is afflicting ascendant and its lord Venus.
2. Spouse house lord Mars is place in the house of profession, in debilitated sign. Mars is exchanging aspect with Ascendant lord. Spouse house lord  is afflicted by Sun.
3. Spouse house lord Mars is in debilitated sign (Neech ki rashi) but is enjoying directional force and is in Bandhan yog.
4. Spouse house has no impact.
5. In Navmansha chart spouse house is occupied by Saturn and lord Venus is in paapkartari yog.
Delay in marriage is confirmed.
Currently your brother is passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter and Anterdasha of Moon till 17-12-2013. Your brother was born on New Moon (Amavsya) and closest degrees to Sun. So, I think it will be better to go for marriage after 17-12-2013.

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