Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – January 15th, 2013

Share Market and India – January 15th, 2013

Mahadasha Lord Sun has changed its sign to Capricorn and moved to the house fortune, judiciary with Mars. Ascendant Lord and Pratyanter dasha lord Venus is placed in the house of mysteries and Sukshma dasha lord Mercury. All of these three planets are activated by Anterdasha lord Saturn. Sukshmadasha lord Mercury is heading for total combust position. North Node – South Node (Rahu-Ketu) have changed their signs.

  1. This new change of Rahu may affect relationship with foreign nations. Border issues may be in lime light. Anterdasha lord Saturn is afflicting house of neighbours and relationship. Natal chart of India has Mahadasha lord, Anterdasha lord, Pratyantedasha lord and Sukshmdasha lord are placed in the house of neighbouring nations. Transit planets are also highlighting this house. So, issues may continue further.
  2. Transport and travel are also affected because of the same reason. Possibility of accidents may go up.
  3. Praytanter dasha Lord Venus is ascendant lord of the natal chart of India, currently transiting through eighth house of the chart and exchanges its position with Jupiter. This position is confirming dispute with neighbours and hike in petroleum products. Banks are strengthen by Mercury (Lord of the house) transiting from eighth house of the natal chart.

Share Market

  1. Although Mercury is combust but will be moving to the trine. It will be an auspicious position for the Share Market and Banks. Movement may be bit deceptive because Mercury is combust but transit Mercury is in trine. Be careful while trading.
  2. Good period for Infrastructure, because Lord Sun is transiting in trine, but be watchful for time to time profit bookings.
  3. Venus is now indicating some improvement in Gold and Indian Rupee.
  4. Foreign related trade issues are free, because Rahu and Ketu have moved from their previous signs. Clarity in government’s policy can be seen in future and in coming days that may help share market.

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