Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – January 14th, 2013

Share Market and India – January 14th, 2013

Mahadasha Lord Sun has changed its sign to Capricorn and moved to the house fortune, judiciary with Mars. Ascendant Lord and Pratyanter dasha lord Venus is placed in the house of mysteries and Sukshma dasha lord Mercury. All of these three planets are activated by Anterdasha lord Saturn. Sukshmadasha lord Mercury is heading for total combust position.


  1. Rahu (North Node) is also changing its sign and will move to sixth house with Saturn within next 24 hrs. Anterdasha lord Saturn is afflicting relationship with neighbours, Mars is also afflicting house of neighbours. Since Rahu will enter in the house of disputes etc., along with Saturn may cause more unrest on the neighbouring borders.
  2. Mahadasha Lord has moved to ninth house again is with Mars (two strong hot planets) are afflicting house of neighbours, media, transport etc. Relationship with neighbours may further be affected or tension will increase.
  3. Sukshmadasha lord Mercury is combust and that’s why public is feeling uncomfortable, since is placed in eighth house, so impact of sudden changes and increase of petroleum will give financial burden to them, Venus is also exchanging its position with Jupiter (Rx). So, government is keen on petroleum products.
  4. Weather and Nature’s disturbance will be there for next 72 hrs.

Share Market

  1. Sukshmadasha Lord and lord of share market Mercury is placed in eighth house and combust. I think, market will be in negative zone. Time for infrastructure will start.
  2. Market related to Petroleum may be in the news or better. Time to book profit in Pharmaceuticals, hospitals and PDS related stocks. Sudden changes can be seen either today or tomorrow.
  3. Aviation, transport, media, IT may not be so strong today.
  4. Gold, Indian Rupee may not be so good.

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