Query by Pashmina, from karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Pashmina (Female)
Date of Question : 12-1-2013
Time of Question : 21:07 Hrs (LST)
Place of Question : Karachi (Pakistan)
Question: My friend told me about this site.I have a horsey query please reply. Will my boy friend propose me for marriage? for marriage?will we re unite
My b.f is going through the process of divorce.he is my ex.nd.we are still in communication.will we have marriage?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Leo ascendant and lord Sun is placed in the house of Love relationship, with Venus and combust Mercury. Sun is transiting through the Nakshatra of Sun.
2. Love house lord Jupiter is placed in 10th house and placed with Ketu, which will change its position on 17-1-2013. Ketu is transiting through the Nakshtra of Sun. But as on date no proper connection. May be after 17-1-2013, your love relationship may revive.
3. Spouse house lord Saturn is placed in third house, may be difference of opinion may come from siblings.
4. Saturn is transiting through the Nakstra of Rahu, and Rahu is changing its sign on 17-1-2013.
I think situation will guide you after 17-1-2013. You may have physical relationship with the person. But regarding marriage I am in doubt.


  1. Thankyou.
    Can I re ask this question in future?how long the reply remains valid?does the chart shows any interest of guy?

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