Different Planets in Tenth House

Different Planets in Tenth House


Sun in tenth house indicates that Direction force of Sun is full. So, is good for the success in profession and business. Sun is a natural cruel planet, so can give separation with parents. Since, tenth house is sixth house from fifth house, so it’s not a good position for the children if malefic planets are placed here.

Sun is strong – in exalted sign or in own sign, this position indicates – god for fame, prosperity, wealth, education and honour etc. natal will be brave and kind hearted and may have fondness for music and art etc.

Natal will have responsibilities and self-respect.


Moon placed in tenth house indicates – Natal will enjoy success in his/her life and profession. Natal will be engaged in good deeds and exceptional personality. Normally travels a lot, particularly when Moon is in movable sign.

Natal will enjoy helping others and religious activities. Native will be a wealthy and brave person.

According to Varahmihir, placement of Moon in this house indicates – success, kind hearted, wealthy and brave person.

Well placed Moon in tenth house indicates – well known personality in society, popular and exceptional. . Normally such natal will travel a lot and may be touring foreign lands.

Afflicted Moon in tenth house indicates cough problem and cold related issues. Malefic planets will indicate – obstacles in business and possibility of defame.


Mars enjoys directional strength in tenth house. Mars placed in exalted sign or own sign forms Ruchak Mahapurush Yog. According to Phaldeepika, natal born in this Yog will be very brave, strong and powerful person. Such natal will be great worrier, winner and very good Army Leader.

Cancer and Leo ascendant – Mars will be Yogkarak.

Afflicted or weak Mars indicates – accidents, fear from fire and arms etc., problem with children. If Mars is placed in enemy sign, indicates – death of father.


Mercury placed in exalted or own sign forms Bhadra Mahapurush Yog. Such natal will enjoy good longevity, intelligence, neat and clean personality with good thoughts, enjoys praise from intellectuals, good orator, wealthy and rich person.

Natal will enjoy inheritance of property, pleasant, cheerful personality, intelligence, great desires, and avails all facilities. Natal enjoys success from the beginning of life.


Such natal enjoys life style of great palace. Such natal will be a powerful person and will be rewarded and honoured by ruler or employer. Natal will enjoy celebrity status, known for kind heartedness. Such persons are religious personality.

Natal will enjoy vehicles, friends etc.


Rich person and close to opposite sex persons. Natal will be fortunate, enjoying life, sexual life, intelligence, knowledgeable and charming personality. Such person may enjoy Managerial or administrative position, good family and blessings from parents.

Venus in Pisces may give issues with Spouse and natal may lose parents at early age.

Afflicted Venus will give adverse of above.


Well placed Saturn in this house indicates – good personality, good nature, Minister, cool tempered, brave and Senior Government officer and may be related with agriculture related work. Fearless, politician and enjoys good status in foreign country.

Saturn placed in enemy sign indicates – problems after success, loss in business, defame and defeat etc.

Badly placed Saturn indicates – demise of parents at early age, tough life, and poverty and fickle mind. This position also indicates – demotions, suspension, termination and critical illness etc. It’s difficult for father and son to live in one roof.

Rahu (North Node)

Rahu placed in exalted sign indicates – natal will be dear and near to ruler, employer and landed property. Normally such natal will have illicit relationship. Natal will enjoy relationship with charming and attractive persons.

Natal enjoys good career at the age of 21st year, full progress at the age of 36th and may enjoy public honour at the age of 42nd. (Subject to placement and aspect from other planets)

Affliction may give laziness, unenthusiastic, pitiable, detached and wicked.

Ketu (South Node)

Ketu placed in Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, or in Virgo sign indicates – Natal is intelligent, powerful, can understand soul, winner and competitive.

Ketu placed in Pisces or Sagittarius (better to say in the signs of Jupiter) indicates – Natal will earn high rewards and honours, knowledgeable, and conqueror – winner, possibility of residing in foreign lands, fortune rises in foreign lands, happy and complete personality.

Such persons are not good for business.

Malefic Ketu indicates disease related to ear, anal, arthritis and bone related problems. Natal will not be doing good deeds. Natal may face failures, and will be involved in cheating, and frauds etc.

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