Daily Panchang – January 5th, 2013

Daily Panchang – January 5th, 2013

Paush Month of hindu calendar, 8th day – Ashtami, Krishna Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise is Hast, Atigand Yog, Balav Karan. Sun Rise in New Delhi will be at 07:19 Hrs. (IST) and Sunset at 17:34 Hrs. (IST). At the time of sunrise Moon is in Virgo sign and will enter in Libra sign at 01:20 Hrs (IST) on 06-01-2013. Mercury will enter in Purvashadha Nakshtra at 13:26 Hrs (IST).


    • Name : Cree (Female)
      Date of Birth : 14-2-1987
      Time of Birth : 04:59 Hrs. (LST)
      Place of Birth : Houston (US)
      Query : Difficulty with Children?

      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Sagittarius ascendant and lord Jupiter is placed in the axis of Rahu-Ketu (North Node – South Node). Jupiter is in Paapkartri yog. This position indicates that you are not in a comfortable position, Jupiter is natural significator of progeny for women. So, indications are there may be some issue with progeny.
      2. Progeny house lord is Mrs and placed in its house. Mars is lord of hospital etc. in your horoscope, and Saturn is placed in Hospital.
      3. No affliction on the house of progeny.
      I think, you will have children, but with some medical advices or treatment.
      In Navmansha chart Mercury lord of the house of progeny is blessing its own house, and Ascendant lord Venus is placed in the house of progeny, blessing lord of Progeny of Navmansha, although, Mercury is in paapkartari, but Jupiter is blessing too.
      I think, possibility of Progeny is strong.
      Seek medical advice.
      I have not checked Saptansha chart (specific chart for Progeny)

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