Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – January 3rd, 2013

Share Market and India – January 3rd, 2013


  1. Ascendant lord Venus is ready to change its sign on 4-1-2013, and Moon is transiting from the nakshtra of Venus. Pratyanter dasha is also Venus, so importance of Venus is high. Tomorrow onwards, critical mood for the government may be more, because Venus and Jupiter will be exchanging their house position.
  2. Since, Saturn is afflicting ascendant lord and sixth house lord has gone to eighth house, it can aggravate some chronic issues.
  3. Sudden changes can be seen in future, as change of petroleum rates are on the cards.
  4. Judiciary has to play important role within next few days.

Share Market

  1. Market may have some lazy movements or may not give big directions, because Moon is in the Nakshtra of Venus and Venus is in the last navmansha of this sign. Venus may not allow market movements as desired.
  2. Market is deceptive, be watchful for the profit booking. Possibility of positive movement in the market.
  3. Moon is also transiting in the nakstra of Venus, so gold and silver are important. Indian Rupee may be bit more strong.
  4. Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Medical related and Media, infrastructure related fields are better.

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