Tenth House Lord in Various Houses

Tenth House Lord in Various Houses

Tenth house lord with the houses or lords of third, sixth and eleventh house indicates – combination of Upchay house. Native will rise, even though malefic planets, natal will rise may be with his/her efforts. This house indicates – Profession, gains from ruler or employer, authority and power of natal. Tenth house is a Strong house of Kendra.

Tenth house lord in First house (Ascendant)

Tenth house lord in this position indicates – Natal will be intelligent, poetic by nature (possibly), wealthy and in his/her childhood day’s possibility of poor health, but later on will enjoy sound health. Natal will work sincerely, and achieve heights with own efforts. Can do own business or profession or will enjoy high position.

Tenth house lord conjunct with ascendant lord in ascendant indicates – Natal will be very famous and possibility of relationship with great research or invention.

Linkage with 6th, 8th or 12th house indicates that natal may be cunning, shrewd and cheat.

Tenth House Lord in Second House


This position indicates that natal will be a wealthy person. His/her efforts will be for earning wealth.

Natal may look for own profession or can own family business, natal can be involved with financial institutions or good position to make wealth.

Malefic connections with this position indicate – Natal may change profession quickly for financial reasons.

If natal is involved in business then malefic connections can give loss in the business.

Tenth House Lord is in Third House

Profession lord is in the house of efforts, travelling, Media, communication, sibling, sports, hobbies, writing, journalism and Transport etc.

Natal will do good efforts for the profession, position of the natal will be transferable, travelling (involved), transport or above discussed professions or any other from the third house.

Malefic connection will indicate that younger sibling may be more powerful then natal.

Tenth House Lord is in Fourth House

Profession in happiness – Natal will earn landed property with own efforts and also enjoys high position and happiness. Combination with fifth house lord or ninth house lord indicates – Rajyog, possibility to rise in Politics.

Lord of seventh house of Mother’s house in the house of mother, this position indicates – Marak Lord of mother in the house of Mother. During the dasha of tenth house lord may give trouble to Mother of Natal.

Tenth House Lord is in Fifth House

Kendra lord in trine – Rajyog. Natal will have nice children.

Tenth house lord is placed in the eighth house away from its own house.

This position indicates – malefic connection, possibility of losing position, but in case of auspicious connection some new responsibilities or new up lift or sudden change of profile.

In case of any problem, natal may run away or from the situation. Natal may always talk about the problems related to profession. He/she may suffer loss in gambling or share market.

In general, natal will be intelligent, well qualified, perfection in profession and can give reputed position. At times natal may have difference of opinion with his/her seniors.

Tenth House Lord in Sixth House

Natal will have job, or will do service. It’s a combination of profession with enemies, health, and disputes etc. If Malefic connections, then natal will be involved in handling enemies, health and disputed issues only.

But with auspicious connections, natal will earn money out of that also, such as medical/medicine and profession related to disputes etc. and will be able to handle enemies convincingly.

Tenth House Lord in Seventh House

This position indicates – spouse or partner of the natal will be working. Auspicious tenth house lord in this position indicates that natal will have attractive personality, conjunction with Venus indicates that natal will have wealth and prosperity. Along with this conjunction if ninth house is also involved then indicates that father of the natal is a wealthy person.

Malefic connections indicate – natal is unable to cooperate with the working conditions or may find some difficulties with working conditions.

Natal may be a diplomat, and enjoys happiness from spouse.

Afflicted tenth house lord indicates – illegitimate physical relationship. Natal will be involved in materialistic enjoyment only.

Tenth House Lord in Eighth House

This position indicates – Obstacles in profession. Effect of eighth house lord with profession lord indicates decline in profession. During any auspicious dasha natal may achieve heights, but is not a good position or indicates instability.

Since, eighth house is eleventh house away from its own house, hence few learned astrologers believe, “To achieve good position, involvement of this house is important”.

Involvement of this house indicates that natal can be involved in some hidden work, such as from vigilance, petroleum and research etc. Natal may have or earn black (unaccounted) money is also possible.

Nature of job can be mystery for others.

Tenth House Lord in Ninth House

Profession in fortune, better to say that combination of fortune and profession, it’s a Rajyog. Tenth house Lord is a Kendra and placed in ninth house – formation of Rajyog.

Natal will enjoy like a king or ruler or employer.

Tenth House Lord in Tenth House

Tenth house lord in its own house indicates – powerful house of profession. If no affliction then natal will have regular progress in the profession and achieve heights and becomes wealthy and prosper person.

Connection with trine is good, but connectivity with 6th, 8th or 12th house indicates adverse situation.

Connection with eleventh house indicates that possibility of changes will increase.

Tenth House Lord in Eleventh House

Great dhan yog and natal will earn wealth and prosperity. Natal will enjoy happiness from children, but connection with fifth house lord may harm progeny.

Affliction indicates that natal may be deceived or cheated.

Tenth House Lord in Twelfth House

Job/Profession in foreign lands or related with foreign lands, spiritualism is possible.

Heavy expenditure is expected.

Affliction indicates that natal may have to live away from the family or involvement with smuggling or illegal activities. Combination of Pisces sign with Venus indicates job as sailor or trading or sea related goods.


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