Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – December 12th, 2012

Share Market and India – December 12th, 2012


  1. Ascendant Lord Venus is transiting with four planets, forming Panchgrahi yog,or w can call it shool yog. Indicating, that entire issues will be sudden, but focused on foreign related trades and bill related, and some issues related to judiciary related to government’s announcement related to Petroleum.
  2. Throughout the day we can see lot of verbal exchanges, without any concrete result. Because lord of voice, lord of illness, lord of Parliament and imagination are together with Rahu, creating confusions or useless discussions may affect the day.
  3. Three planets are transiting through the nakshtra of Jupiter, placed in ascendant and representing house of suddenness, petroleum and bills, Lord of parliament is placed with Rahu, again possibility of misguidance to the nation by Parliament or by government.

Share Market

  1. Lord of Share market house and Venus (nation) is placed with Rahu, forming great yog, certainly due to some news in the air may misguide the market. Be watchful.
  2. At least for three days I will like to be careful in the market. Rupee value may go down, because Venus is in the closest degree range of Rahu, although Rahu is defeated in planetary war, but will give confusions to Share Market.
  3. International market may affect market.
  4. Gold will not be strong as Silver may be little bit positive.

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