Query by Rafia, Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Rafia
Date of Question : 3-12-2012
Time of Question : 14:56 Hrs (LST)
Place of Question : Karachi (Pakistan)
Question : one of my X came back and wants me to friendship with him again.what are his intensions?

1. is he from your near by area, I mean his residence or working place or relationship?
2. Is he a married person?
3. Jupiter is retro, that’s why he returned.
4. I think you are already involved with him in this round also.
5. His intentions are in eighth house (mysterious). But link is with second house probably may be looking for nucleolus family.


  1. Yes,his workplace is very near to my home .
    He is married since 4 years.he broke up with me in 2008 april.it was a very short lived affair.
    He doesnot have any kid.his return is very surprising for me because ,he is married.
    What do you mean by nucleolous family?
    He is showing a lot of interest in me and that is very strange because,he is already married.
    What can I expect from him?or what do you mean by nucleolous family ?

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