Query by Hema, from Maysore (India)

Name : Hema

Date of Birth : 21-4-1980

Time of Birth : 07:40 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Mysore (India)

Query : Will my sister get married and when?



According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:

1. According to your Birth chart, ascendant is Taurus and its lord Venus is placed in ascendant, afflicted by Saturn and this ascendant is in Bandhanyog and technically is in Paapkartari.

2. Spouse house lord Mars is in the house of happiness (Manglik/Kuja dosh), and in Rahu (NorthNode) and Ketu (South Node) axis.

3. Spouse house lord Mars is placed with lord of house of miseries Jupiter of your birth chart.

4. Saturn is also disturbing this spouse house lord Mars.

Above are the reasons for delay in marriage.

5. According to Navmansha chart Ascendant is placed in the house of expenses, bedroom, foreign lands etc.

6. Spouse house lord of Navmansha chart has exchange of Venus (lord of house of love) But in Rahu-ketu axis.

Possibility of some relationship (broken or disturbed),

If so, then needs courage to fulfil this.

Further delay in marriage

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