Query by Shumaila, Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

Name : Shumaila
Date of Question : 29-10-2012
Time of Question : 17:42 Hrs (PST)
Place of Question : Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Query : Will my ex and the girl break up before 31 st dec 2012 is over?
If yes then within how much time.

The time you have specified, indicates that you and your ex- are in very bad relationship.
Ascendant is movable sign, Aries, and it’s lord Mars is placed in eighth house of the chart.
Spouse is placed in enemies house and in the house of spouse Sun and Saturn are placed. Two enemies.
I don’t think that he will come back to you.
Regarding his break-up, from this chart… sorry, whatever situation will come, your ex will not be for you.


  1. thanks! great web site. thank you for the information this site is amazing. very well developed with great information.

  2. I am not concerned if he will come back or not.
    My question was about his relationship only.
    I am not in touch with my x..

    Please elaborate

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