Query by Kory, Brooklyn, New York (US)

Name : Kory
Date of Birth : 22-10-1984
Time of Birth : 18:00 (New York – US time)
Place of Birth : Brooklyn, New York (US)
It’s an specific question, so I had considered this question through Horary
Time of Question : Reached at my end 21:23 Hrs (IST)
Place : New Delhi (India)

1. Ascendant Lord (means you) not forming proper relationship
2. Although Jupiter is blessing your spouse from ascendant.
3. Exchnge of aspect with South  Node (Nakshtra Lord Sun) is placed in the house of love.
I think, it will be a nice relationship.
But according to your Birth chart by  the end of March 2013, you may opt for another relationship.

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