Eighth House Lord in Different Houses

Eighth House Lord in Different Houses

Eighth House Lord in Ascendant (First House)

Any planet placed in ascendant occupies Center and Trine of the chart. It’s a good position for eighth house lord, but will afflict ascendant and seventh house. Longevity of natal will improve or better to say life span of natal will improve. This improvement or span of life will be based on connectivity and strength of eighth house lord.

Malefic influence on eighth house lord or eighth house may not improve life span but benefic associations and influence will give good longevity. Health of natal will suffer and struggle throughout life.

Aries and Libra ascendant will have eighth house lord in its own house indicates – eighth house lord will not damage health of natal. Venus as eighth house lord in Pisces ascendant will be in exalted sign. This position will give long life. Such position will give indicate – good wealth, good longevity and influential personality etc.

Eight House Lord in Second House

Eighth house lord will aspect its own house indicates – long life, considering that no affliction. No planet will enjoy exaltation or friends house position. Rather Mercury will be in debilitated sign in Aquarius sign.

Eight house lords normally afflict second house which indicates – suffer for financial status, cannot regain lost wealth and also affect Manliness of male natal. This position will provide hidden wealth or inherited property.

This position is not good for family life. Natal has to live separately from spouse.

Eighth House Lord in Third House

Eighth house lord is placed in eighth house from its own house. According to Vedic astrology, this position is known as Bhavat Bhavam. It’s a reflection house of eighth house. This position indicates – longevity of natal will improve but aspect on ninth house will afflict this house, hence father and fate etc. will be affected.

Natal may not be in good relationship with father and siblings. Lack of valour and mental disturbance will reflect on his/her life. Natal may not have Manliness and without servants.

Eighth House Lord in Fourth House

Fourth house indicates – happiness, mother, vehicle and property etc. It’s a trine placement from eighth house. Benefic planet may give positive to longevity whereas malefic planets or influences may adverse results.

Natal may not have happiness from mother, his/her mother may have to face ill health or natal may not have mother. It’s not a good position for land, building, property, vehicle and happiness etc.

Eighth House Lord in Fifth House

Fifth house indicates – Progeny, education and Intelligence etc. Eighth house lord in this house is at the tenth house from its own house.

This position will increase life span of natal, but will weaken progeny, intellect, wit and education etc. but wealthy.

Exalted and own house position can give knowledge towards history and different languages etc. Pisces ascendant – natal can be mining engineer.

Eighth House Lord in Sixth House

Natal will be capable of overcoming on the enemies but will have diseased life. During childhood days, natal must take care of water and poison or reaction of medicine or wrong medicine etc. This can be fatal. Loss of life is possible.

Eighth House Lord in seventh House

Eighth house lord in seventh house will aspect ascendant. Only Aries and Libra ascendant will be benefitted, because lords of these signs will aspect their own house.

Eighth house lord in seventh house will spoil marriage or married life. Natal may have more than one relationship or spouses. This may be due to marriages or some other reasons, such as separation etc.

Eighth House Lord in Eighth House

Longevity of Natal will be good. If eighth house lord has weak in strength then will have Madhyayu (medium life span) and may be a thief etc. May not be doing dignified deeds but will be criticizing others.

Eighth House Lord in Ninth house

Eighth house lord in the house of religion indicates – spoiling own religion. Second from its own house, longevity improves – may live long life.

Natal will have cunning spouse.

Eighth House Lord in Tenth House

Eighth house lord in the house of profession indicates – affliction in profession. Natal may have disturbed professional life or may have quick change of job or profession.

But this position is good for longevity because eighth house has gone to its third house.

Eighth House Lord in Eleventh House

Eleventh house is known for increasing significations. That means – good for longevity and other significations of eighth house lord.

Natal may have poor status in early part of life but in the later part of life will have better propsarity.

Eighth House Lord in Twelfth House

This position indicates – not a good position for longevity, natal may have short span of life. But auspicious connections can improve longevity of natal.

Natal may spent or waste his/her money on sinful or wrong deeds.

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