Astrology Prediction : Query by Fozia, Karachi (Pakistan)

Time: 23:55 Hrs (PST)
Place question: karachi,pakistan
Name.: fozia
Date.: 30 oct 2012

Question : Will my boy friend introduce me to his parents/family?
Will i ever meet his family ?

If I consider 30-10-2012 as date of question then
1. Ascendant lord Moon is in Mother in-laws’ house and
2. Spouse house lord, his nucleus family  lord Sun , is in Mothers’ house
If 30-10-2012 is considered as a date of question then its very good and positive, indicates that he will introduce you with each and every one.
That’s why i asked you about 30-10-2012


  1. Sorry date of question is 30 sept 2012
    Not october,because october just started now.please forgive me and re assess my chart

  2. Thank you so much for your reply.
    I raised this query yesterday at 11:55 pm. according to my watch .
    Does it make a difference if we make a chart taking 1oct as date and time exact 0:00 midnight?

    But i guess i provided you with correct time ,according to pakistn standard time.

    Is it possible to tell when can i expect to meet his parents?

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