Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – October 1st, 2012

Share Market and India – October 1st, 2012

Mercury will change its sign at 17:40 Hrs. (IST). That means after the share market hours, but may impact commodity market.

This clearly indicates – before closing one must consider that Mercury Lord of Banks and Share Market according to Indian horoscope will enter with Saturn and in sixth house of this chart.

My observations are

  1. On date markets may keep up, but be watchful at the time of closing. Consider above mentioned points.
  2. Banks, Petroleum, Media related, Communication related will be good.
  3. Moon will move to 12th house of the India’s Horoscope, and on 3rd of October, Moon will be in Aries sign in the Nakshtra of Sun. Indicates, shares related to shoes, may give some profit.
  4. Minerals related are again interesting (this includes petroleum also). Because 8th house lord is in Ascendant of India’s birth chart and Moon signify – liquids and Petroleum passing from the house of gains. Same reasons are for IT industry, so they can give profit.
  5. Regarding India, Change of mercury position may impact on Indian Rupee Value, Bank, Public agitation, Strikes etc. Intelligence of public may be affected by Saturn. Some agitation may start.
  6. Period is not good – anti-social activities may go up. Antisocial elements may disturb harmony.
  7. Since last few days you can see on my this forecast – warning for weather, climatic and natural disaster is expected since last 72+ hrs to next 72 Hrs of 17:40 Hrs. (IST) or any type of disaster, better to say climatic disturbance. This possibility of disturbance is not only for India but throughout world.


  1. Sri.Anoop jee – Your predictions is going fruitful
    Sri.Anoop Jee.
    Really Great Job…So thankful and Please accept my Congratulations.

  2. 1. Share market is closed positively., banks were also positive, with media related shares. Petroleum was also in positive zone.
    2. Today evening onwards after 17:40Hrs, banks may not be so interesting.
    3. Share market can be positive on 3rd of October 2012
    4. Japan has faced Cyclone and further warning. China and Pakistan are facing heavy rains and floods like situation.

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