Astrology Prediction : Query by Diwakar Ganesh, Sharjah (UAE)

Name : Diwakar Ganesh
Time of Question: 22:56 Hrs (UAE standard time)
Date of Question : 24 -9-2012
Question : Success in Examination

Diwakar Ganesh
1. Indications are clear that you are trying for some education, and competitive examination (related to foreign land).
2. Your valor is also confirm, your involvement is also confirm
3. But connectivity among these is not reflecting.
4. You have to do some fine tuning, and check proper utilization of your hard work and preparation.
May god bless you.

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  1. Hi Sir
    thanks for your reply..
    by this interpretation, I need to focus on my preparation and hard work..
    Then there will be chances of clearing this exam.. The problem is I have already given twice and that pressure creates tenstion to me..

    Will follow as per your interpretation to pass in the exam.


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