Astrology Prediction : Query by Priya, Gandhinagar (India)

Date of Birth:- 26-01-1985
Time of Birth:- 07:15 Hrs. (IST)
Place of Birth:- Gandhinagar (India)
Name:- Priya
Question:- hey my question is when will i get married.? i’m getting old and my parents are worried thinking will i be alone all my life. i also now feel i should get married and settle down. thanks in advance.
Time of focusing for profession. Sharp your skills and focus on profession.

Your Mercury Mahadasha will be over by October 3rd 2012. This current period has set your life for next coming seven years.
Your Ascendant is in Bandhanyog but in Subhkartari. That’s why you are getting mixed results.
Your Spouse house lord Moon is with Mars.
But spouse house is blessed by Jupiter.
I think possibility of marriage is there but may take some more time.
I will suggest to marry after some more time.
Do not think for marriage, but focus on career.

Navmansha chart is not checked.
May god bless you.

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