Query from Shrey, Lucknow (India)

Name : Shrey

Date of Birth : 16-2-1991

Time of Birth : 02:40 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Allahabad (India)

Query : Regarding Profession

Analysis by Birth chart (D-1) according to Vedic Astrology

My observations are as follows:

1. Scorpio Ascendant. Ascendant is strong, because its lord Mars and Jupiter are giving strength to Ascendant.

2. Ascendant Lord Mars is in 7th house (house of spouse). No aspect. Neither affliction nor blessings.

3. Profession House Lord Sun is placed in 4th house. Sun in the sign of Saturn is not so good. Digbal of profession house lord is zero. Navmansha chart, Sun has moved to 8th house  and debilitated. In Dashmansha chart, Sun is placed in Aquarius sign, but close to Digbal and house of gains. So position is little bit improved but disturbed.

4. In Navmansha chart and Dashmansha chart Profession House lord is in 8th house, indicates lack of proper stability in Profession but during the period of Jupiter and Saturn. (Since Jupiter is placed in 9th

5. In D-1 chart, 8th house is placed with Saturn Lord of 4th house and 3rd house. Saturn is Mahadasha Lord, so just after starting this dasha, his mother must have faced some health issues.

6. Regarding Marriage… Mars is in spouse house (6th house lord). Indicates not comfortable because natal will be self focused.

7. Jupiter is Exalted and Retro, (Exalted in D-1  chart, but in Navmansha is in the sign of Libra (lord Venus) and placed in 8th house.

8. Jupiter is exalted in Dashmansa chart and forming great conjunction with Moon (in own sign) Great strength to profession.

If natal will be involved in anything related to unearth, will give a great boost to career.

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