Astrology Prediction : Query by Ahamad Faizal, Ipoh (Malaysia)

Name : Ahamad Faizal
Date of Birth : 28-2-1981
Time of Birth : 19:48 Hrs. (Malaysian standard time)
Place f Brth ; Ipoh (Malaysia)

Question: divorcee wondering if there is a second marriage and whether it will be happy and long lasting? If there is a potential, please tell me more of the profile of the second spouse, character, previous marital status,existing child of the second spouse (if any) whether it will be arranged or love marriage and when will marriage takes place and whether under the auspices of family or not or whether this person was formerly known to me,

According to Vedic Astrology, my observations are as follows:
1. Leo Ascendant, and in Paapkartari. Sun, Mars and Venus aspect ascendant. Sun is giving strength to ascendant because ascendant is its own house,Venus being auspicious planet is also providing blessing to ascendant. whereas Mars is afflicting to ascendant. Over all situation is disturbed.
2. Seventh house lord is Saturn (retro) and placed with Retro Jupiter in second house. Mars is again afflicting Saturn+Jupiter and second house. Affecting Longevity or living with spouse.
3. Mars is lord of 9th house and 4th house, placed in the house of spouse. Your fate is also linked with spouse. With spouse you will be more fortunate.
You are passing through Mahadasha of Sun-Venus (chhdra dasha). sun is placed in spouse house, so out going Sun Mahadasha is planning for coming Moon Mahadasha.
I think, you will remarry with a known person. After this year.

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