Different Planets in Seventh House

Different Planets in Seventh House


Sun in seventh house is considered an inauspicious placement – even though sun is exalted will be a malefic placement.

Sun is known as a cruel planet in Vedic astrology. Sun in this house indicates mental tension, low profits in business or not proper reward in profession and Insomnia. This position is not a favourable position for profession or business. Natal may not enjoy happy married life.

Sun in seventh house indicates – difficulty in marriage, difficult married life and also indicates remarriage or second marriage.

In case of strong or sun in own sign indicates good character of spouse.


Rising Moon (Shuklapaksha) in seventh house indicates – attractive and charming spouse. Good position for trading, road construction business and import-export. Natal will also enjoy good personality, kind hearted and travel loving person. Natal will always be controlled or dominated by spouse or opposite sex.

Share trading, trades related to sea, sea travels, liquid materials are good for natal. General stores, hotel industry and trades related to commission (such as insurance agents) are suitable for such natal.

Afflicted or debilitated Moon indicates – Spouse of natal will not enjoy good health, lack of happiness and peace in married life of natal. Natal may not have stability in life, business and profession. Court decisions may also be not favourable.


Mars in seventh house is known as Kuja Dosha (Mangalik Dosh). This Dosh indicates – death of spouse. Mars in seventh house indicates complicated enemies and possibility of living in foreign lands. Such natal is cunning, expert in manipulation and sharp brain. Such natal faces frustration in love relationship.

Afflicted Mars indicates – quarrels in married life. Such natal will not be enjoying physical happiness from the spouse.

Natal may be poor, poor health and sometimes has to face humiliation from spouse.


Mercury in centre – normally it’s a good position. But Mercury in seventh house is not considered as an auspicious placement. Even though Mercury is exalted, this position for Mercury is not good, because Mercury is neither male nor female planet – is a sexless (Napunsak) planet. That’s why Mercury in seventh house creates disturbance in seventh house. Natal will not be in a position to satisfy his/her partner and natal will be ashamed.

Such natal will enjoy attractive personality, obedient, sharp mind, and gentle; and will earn respect from opposite sex. Spouse will be charming longevity of spouse will not be good.

Weak seventh lord and Mars with mercury will give skin disease to the spouse of natal.

Strong and exalted Mercury will indicate that natal will enjoy good vehicles and will have one spouse.


Natal will have high life style and standard of living. This position indicates – Great enjoyment from most sexy spouse or relationship. Natal will enjoy attractive personality, great culture, kind heart, great orator quality. Natal may be poet, literature loving person, intelligent and energetic.

Natal will enjoy company of loving spouse and good for progeny.

Good married life. Natal’s lifestyle and social importance will rise after marriage.

Debilitated Jupiter indicates death of spouse at early age. Afflicted Jupiter indicates – older spouse and possibility of divorce or death of spouse.

Affliction with Mars and Saturn or with Moon and Sun indicates – No marriage or delay in marriage. Normally Jupiter in seventh house protects marriage.


Natal will enjoy happiness and love from beautiful and charming spouse. Spouse will be good for progeny. Natal enjoys company and physical relationship with opposite sex. Natal can be established artist and will enjoy praise and appreciation from many followers.

Strong Venus indicates in a horoscope of Male natal – physical relationship with many women and for female natal – fateful and wealthy spouse. Such natal will be benefitted financially from his/her spouse.

If Venus in seventh house is placed in the signs of Mars or Saturn, then spouse will be older.

Afflicted Venus indicates – delay in marriage or disturbance in marriage.


Natal may not have attractive and charming spouse. This position of Saturn gives interruptions in marriage of spouse and gives marriage in later part of life. Native will be cunning and surrounded by selfish friends, normally natal earns money and wealth by deceiving people.

Natal will have company of ill health spouse and natal will not be a strong person. Normally natal will not have wealth. Natal may be jobless and hapless.

Such position indicates – that spouse of natal will have faith in work. Spouse will have good nature and stable mentality. Spouse will be elderly in age and wealthy.

Saturn in Ascendant or in Seventh house in paapkartari indicates – marriage due to some adjustment or some pressure or may be due to some benefit etc. Normally Saturn, Ketu and Venus indicate inter-cast marriage.

Afflicted Saturn indicates – grief/agony – such as death of spouse or separation from spouse etc. and loss of wealth, legal issues in partnership etc.

Rahu (North Node)

Rahu in seventh house indicates – problem with reproductive organs of spouse, natal will have separation relatives or loss of relatives. Natal will be aggressive in nature and unsystematic. Natal will be tortured by spouse. Natal will be lazy by nature, pessimist and disturbance in work etc.

Rahu in seventh house of female indicates complications in menstruation.

Ketu (South Node)

Ketu in seventh house indicates – risks from travelling and water. Expect happiness from spouse or natal will be cunning. Loss of wealth by thief or enemies. Ignominy or taunt from spouse. Disease related to intestine.

Ketu in Scorpio indicates – Beneficiary for natal.


  1. For a kanya lagna man rahu and jupiter in pisces in 7th house, mars in virgo, saturn and venus in 3rd house in scorpio, sun and mercury in 2nd house libra, moon in gemini, will there be any problem in marriage life due to guru-chandal dosha? please help.

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      Many times I have mentioned that it is not wise to give comment like this, without going through horoscope properly. It is not possible on this platform.

  2. Sir ,I am boy. my Date of Birth is 16th july 1987, birth time – 23:50 Place- Shirdi (Maharashtra)
    I want to know that , will my married life be happy ? will my spouse beautiful ? Which place she will from ? Will it be a love marriage ? When i will got married ??

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  3. Dear Sir,

    Request your kind help. The native has weak Jupiter in 7th house . Is it inauspicious for the spouse after marriage. Please advice.

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    • Wipper,
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