Query by Arisha (Horary), Karachi (Pakistan)

Name: Arisha,
Time of Query 12:45 Hrs (Pakistan standard time)
Place : Karachi (Pakistan)
Date : 16-9-2012
Question : Will he ever think about me for marriage or he wants me only as a g.f or a friend?

1. Ascendant Lord is Scorpio, in the Nakshatra of Mercury (Combust).  Ascendant Lord Mars is in 12th house with Saturn.(indicates in bedroom or used or indicates links with Venus).
2. Seventh house Lord (house of spouse or friend etc.) is Venus and is placed in ninth house in the Nakshtra of Saturn.

Indirect relationship With ascendant and spouse house lord Venus.Saturn and Mars  are in the sign of Venus but in 12th house (House of Bedroom, used and friendship)
Try seriously, I think, you have to be tactful.
Regarding your emotions… Moon is in the Nakshtra of Sun, which is ready to change its sign.
I think, you are also in a mood to take final step.
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