Astrology Prediction : Query By Rohit Ptravale, Kolhapur (India)

Date of Birth: 03-08-1985

Time of Birth: 01:05 AM. (IST)

Place of Birth: Kolhapur, Maharshtra (INDIA)

Name: Rohit Patravale

Question: When will i get married, or when i will get my life partner, will it be arrange or love Kindly advice.

According to your birth chart my observations are as follows:

1. Taurus ascendant. Blessed by Jupiter (good for natal)

2. Ascendant Lord Venus is in 2nd house, No aspect.

3. Seventh house lord (Lord of spouse house) is in 3rd house with sun and is Combust (Ast). Mars is the lord of spouse house and afflicted by Saturn also. So delay in marriage.

4. Jupiter is blessing spouse house in D-1 chart and Ascendant in Navmansha chart, hence marriage is sure and traditional.

5. Spouse lord is afflicted by Saturn but in Shubhkartari yog. Delay in marriage but good life. Blessed by Jupiter. Spouse lord is Combust and afflicted by Saturn (Cause of delay)


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