Query by Tani, Allahabad (India)

Date of Birth: 27-08-1980
Time of Birth: 22:00 Hrs. (IST)
Place of Birth: Allahabad (INDIA)
Name: Tani
Question: When will i get a new job, I lost my current job on 31st Aug. I have many loans to repay hence its very imp for me to get a decent job asap. Kindly advice.

Tani ji according to you birth chart, my observations are
1. Your ascendant Lord Mars is placed in seventh house and afflicting your 2nd house, house for finance. But giving strength to its own house ascendant.
2. Your profession house lord saturn is placed in sixth house, so do not try for own profession.
3. You are advised to prepare for new responsibilities or challenges.
4. You can get jobs now, but better opportunity will be in Jan 2013 onwards.
Work on preparing for new challenges, and try for abroad.


  1. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your reply however i would appreciate if you could explain your prediction in simple language, i could not understand point1 at all. By point 2, do you mean that i should always work for SOMEONE and never try something of my OWN(Business).
    Point3 – By this do you mean that i should look for a job change?
    Thanks for point4.

    • Your financial issues are due to Mars. But do not be self centered (if you are).
      You are for job/service etc. or you are not advised to start your own business/consultancy etc.
      I suggest you, to prepare for new challenges or new professional responsibilities. Can be a change of job or at the same place.

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