Query from Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu(INDIA)

Married life more than 8 years, but no child.

Date of birth : 19-9-1980

Time of Birth : 0430 Hrs (IST) or 4.30 AM

Place of birth : Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu(INDIA)

First of all we must see promise from your birth chart (According Vedic Method) A Reading from your Birth chart D-1

1. Asc. Leo, Jupiter (5th/12th) Lord is placed. Asc, is in the middle of Sun,Saturn (2nd house) and Rahu (12th house). Afflicted.

2. Asc. Lord Sun is with Saturn, afflicted.

3. 5th House, Moon is placed at 5th house, Jupiter 5th Lord is blessing this house.

4. 5th Lord Jupiter is placed in Asc. and is in Paapkartari (placed between 12th house- Rahu and Sun, Saturn – Afflicted Conclusion from your Birth chart is – Lagna (self-you) are very much disturbed all the time. Why? Your children Lord is also afflicted. But Children house is blessed by Jupiter (5th and 8th Lord) placed in Asc. (providing chances of illness.

B. Reading from Navmansha chart (D-9)

1. Asc. Gemini, blessed by Jupiter and Venus.

2. Asc. Lord Merc. is in 2nd house, afflicted by Mars and Sun.

3. 5th house is afflicted by Mars, indicates possibility of miscarriage.

4. 5th Lord, Venus is with Jupiter, placed in 7th house, no affliction and no blessings. But two soft planets are placed in 7th house, blessing Asc.

C. Reading from D-7, chart: This chart is only for children(Progeny)

1. Asc. Virgo, and its Lord Merc. is in 11th house, Asc, is afflicted by Sun and Mars.

2. Asc. Lord Merc. is in the axis of Rahu-Ketu

3. 5th house (house of Children) is in the axis of Rahu-Ketu. Afflicted

4. 5th Lord Saturn is placed in 8th house with Moon (indicating some obstruction)

Finding and suggestions

1. Change you thinking, try to enjoy this life.

2. Seek Dr.’s advice because affliction by Mar/Sun and in D-7 chart Rahu-Ketu indicates afflictions.

3. But Major hope is provided by Jupiter in Birth Chart. Hope is very much there Yes, affliction is there, so Dr.’s advise is must, and some planetary/god’s blessings support, by way of Astrological Remedies. Try to be happy. Dasha You are currently passing through Mahadasha of Mars and Anterdasha Ketu Mars can give you child, but go for Medical advice, I think better period will be after April 2013. This period can give you pregnancy but chances of miscarriage can be there.

Take proper Medical support.

Ps. birth chart and promises of your husband is not checked, Beejsfut of your birth chart is not checked.

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