Query By Teresa, Karachi (Pakistan)

Name  : Teresa
Date of Question : 10-9-2012
Time of Horary Question : 22:55 Hrs (PST)
Place of Question : Karachi
Question : Does he use me and is insincere to me?
At the time you raised this question, ascendant was Taurus, and my observations are as follows:
1. Ascendant is occupied by Jupiter and Ketu (South Node). That’s why you have certain queries regarding your spouse (boyfriend).
2. Ascendant Lord Venus is in the Nakshtra of Saturn.
3. Saturn is placed in 6th house with seventh house (spouse house) lord Mars.
4. Venus has aspect of Saturn.
I think, differences may be there, but he is not using. May be you are extra possessive.
Your feed back will be appreciated.


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  2. I do not know why i am having negative feelings on and off.like he is not willing to continue,looking forsomebody else or he is moving backwards.
    I feel myself in a bad state of mind and have a fear of break up.i donot know why.

    Please add some comments

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