Query By Sushmita Ghosh, Kolkata (Inidia)

Sushmita Ghosh
Date of Birth : 25-08-1980
Time of Birth : 19:52 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Kolkata (India)

According to Vedic system my observations are-
1. Pisces Ascendant, afflicted by 11th and 12th house lord Saturn.Negative
2. Ascendant Lord is placed in 6th house (Jupiter is 10 house lord also). That’s why Arthritis problem has developed.
3. Spouse house lord Mercury is with Sun and Jupiter. But Mercury is combust and placed in Paapkartari yog. – Negative
4. 11th house lord and 12th house lord Saturn is placed in spouse house – Negative (This Saturn can give no. or relationship or engagement etc.) – Negative
5. Rahu is placed in 5th house (house of Love). Rahu can give unconditionally marriage. (Will need courage)
Delay is certain.
If you will marry, in that condition, you will marry to your known person.
(How is your relationship with your cousin – maternal side?)
Prey Devi Maa, because your depression or discussion related to marriage or other issues can be solved by Devi Maa. You are blessed in that way, because you are born in Shuklapaksha (Ratrimaan – after sunset) and Moon in 12th house. Devi is protecting you.
Focus on your career.


  1. Also, Sir, I would like to say that you have said it right. Devi maa (I’m not sure whether you’re talking about ma durga or kali, but I regularly pray to Kali ma) has indeed protected me because my marriage was almost going to be fixed but just before that we realized that the person’s family would be very demanding materially…hence we rejected the proposal.

  2. Sir,

    Thank you for answering my query. My relationship with my maternal cousin is good, but I do understand that the love and affection shown by her towards me is not as genuine as I usually look for in a person when building a relationship. However, I maintain the relationship without much expectations.

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